"Rat Stingers" War Band

The combined war band of the PCs


The Rat Stingers are a war band, recently raised as warriors from The Fire Spear Tribe. They (and they alone) have managed to keep the Fire Spear Tribe intact during these dark days. It consists of the following :

Mogur Stew-Guard : Sometime good-guy and lead warrior of the band. He places their lives as paramount to his purpose as leader, and has become the tribe’s Mogur, though he is hard-pressed to keep them alive in the face of all the tribe must deal with before Spring…

Fodder : The group’s resident “trap-finder” and generally stealthy little sneak. He was very good friends (as well as can be under the circumstances) with the tribe’s two slaves, Mop and Lurk, though their whereabouts remain unknown at this time. Fodder has ascended to be the Mogur’s “Keyholder”, or chief guardian of the various tribal treasures and wealth. He is also the tribe’s second most powerful warrior.

[[:bangs-a-gong]} : Female bard and storyteller of the tribe, her presence became important during the hunt to eliminate the adventurer threat, and she managed to kill the priest of Nolom “Cob” during the raid, ensuring her presence as a “warrior” and adviser to the “Rat Stingers”.

Skinner : A skilled young whelp, whose tracking and food-gathering skills have proven invaluable during the dark days of the tribe.

Scribbler : A young whelp who participated in teh counter-raid, gaining his own token of victory, a dwarf’s beard, as proof of his position as a warrior in the tribe. His skills (secretly learned from his dead friend, X – Knows-It – KIA, have proven valuable in keeping the tribe alive during this dark era.


When a band of goblins are weened from their clutch, they are usually given weapons and equipment from the tribal stores and sent together as a hunting band to earn a place among their peers. They must travel outside the caves of their birth, and return with food, supplies and other valuable assets for the tribe, as well as a totem by which they will be ever-after known.

This rite of passage is considered the primary ritual before a young goblin can be accepted as a warrior in the tribe, and very important to goblin warriors. Many young goblins return after a few days in the wilds with a few bags of roughage, maybe a deer or some fish and rabbits, and a few handfuls of colorful feathers, and are named after this. Many also never return again. Ultimately, to gain favor and position in the tribe, however, bold actions must be taken to gain the respect of your fellow warriors and earn a place in the tribe’s hierarchy sufficient to eventually gain the title of Mogur, or even higher, Kumar.

The hunting band has returned with several valuable rat cloaks, a large stinger from a monstrous insect, and the shield of a rival hobgoblin warrior, and combined with their food and collection of Cave Moss, were granted hunter status and named the “Rat Stingers”. Their many explorations and knowledge of the local area helped them assist in chasing away a band of adventurers, as well as slaughtering them in an ambush the next night. Both Mogur Stew-Guard, Fodder and Skinner are considered Mogurs, having proven their position through the accumulation of many valuable totems.

The Rat Stingers war band have taken control of the tribe, and have begun to see how heavy the burden is of keeping a tribe of goblins alive in these hard, dark days…

"Rat Stingers" War Band

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