The Fire Spear

Relic of the Fire Spear Goblins


“The Fire Spear” is a +1 weapon “to hit” and damage. When a gnome passes within 60’ of the spearhead, it glows red-hot and bursts into flame, increasing its “to hit” and damage values to +2.

In addition, if a goblin uses the Fire Spear, other goblins of the Fire Spear tribe will regard the bearer as if he or she possessed an 18 charisma, because of the many tales and legends about the weapon that have made it holy in the minds of goblin folk. The weapon is not an artifact, though it remains immune to fire-related damage and attacks, granting its bearer an additional +2 bonus to saving throws vs fire-related attacks (though not immunity).


“The Fire Spear” is a spear made ages ago by goblin shamans to use in their wars against the gnomes. The weapon’s shaft is made entirely of an unknown gray metal; the rune-covered spearhead is fashioned of iron.

Goblin shamans in the past have decorated the spear with numerous feathers, bone fragments and other symbols of power.

The Fire Spear

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