*Goblin Stats *

Stats for 2nd Edition Goblins


Ability Score Adjustments : The initial ability scores are modified by a -1 penalty to Strength and Charisma.

Hit Dice : PC goblins receive hit points by class.

Alignment : Goblins tend toward lawful evil. PC goblins may be of any alignment, but are usually lawful neutral.

Natural Armor Class : 10

Background : Goblins are small humanoids, growing to a height of about four feet (4") tall. They have flat faces, broad noses, pointed ears, wide mouths, and small, sharp fangs. Though they walk upright, their arms hang down to their knees. Their usually dull, glazed eyes range in color from bright red to gleaming yellow. Their speech is harsh and of higher pitch than humans.

These creatures are generally evil in nature, and often prove to be great cowards as well. They avoid direct confrontation whenever possible, preferring the safety of ambushes. They use simple, even crude, strategy and tactics. They do not believe in a fair fight, for many-on-one always works better than one-on-one in the goblin mindset.

Goblins live in dank and dismal underground dwellings. They only come above ground at night, or during dark, cloudy days. Goblins and their lairs carry a foul stench, due to their lack of sanitation. Their tribes share large common areas set aside for eating and sleeping. Treasure and property belongs to the entire tribe, though the chief and his sub-chiefs watch over it for distribution. Only the leaders have personal living quarters.

Females are not afforded the same rights as males in goblin society, though some are able to push against the system and learn to fight. Traditionally the tribe’s females role is to service the warriors and care for the young.

Each tribe has an exact social order, and every goblin knows his exact place in it. The only way to move up the social ladder, is through battle, and goblins constantly fight among themselves to improve their station in life.

Tribes regularly take slaves for food and labor. They keep their slaves constantly shackled and under guard.

Goblins take great pleasure in killing. They do not eat much, but will eat almost anything. Rats, snakes, humans and other humanoids make up much of their diet, though when food is scarce, they will even eat rotting carrion. They hate most other humanoid races, especially gnomes and dwarves.

Languages : Goblin, Kobold, Orc, Hobgoblin, Common.

Role-Playing : Like most evil creatures, few goblins ever become adventurers. Those that do are unusually rare, for the individualistic life of an adventurer si almost completely foreign to the lawful goblin society. Those few who display such tendencies are often killed by their brethren, for they are believed to be insane.

If they can survive the prejudices and fears of their own people, goblin PCs generally reject their own society. They often leave their lairs and tribes for extended periods of time, finding fame (of a sort) and fortune (wherever they can find it). They often fight against such goblin practices as slave-keeping and marauding, often working to make-up for the atrocities of their own tribes. If they remain evil, they try to work with their salves, and sometimes form large, conglomerate tribes that work similarly to a thieves guild, but staffed by their own tribal members and “mercenary” humanoids.

PCs tend to do their best to control their own fears and overcome their natural cowardice, but few goblins earn awards or respect from their peers for bravery. Even the cleanest goblin adventurer has difficulty eliminating the stench they have grown up with. It hangs about them like a shroud. Because of their communal backgrounds, goblins have no concept of privacy. This can lead to amusing – and not so amusing – situations for goblin PCs and their companions.

Special Advantages : Goblins have Infravision to 60’. They can detect new or unusual construction in an underground area 25% of the time (1 or 2 in d8).

Goblin Shamans have access to the spheres of Divination, Healing, Protection, and Sun (Reversed).

Special Disadvantages : Bright lights hurt goblin eyes, giving them a -1 penalty to their attack rolls when in bright sunshine.

Monstrous Traits : Appearance, Bestial Habits.

Superstitions : Eternal hatred and fear of gnomes and dwarves, sensitive to unusual behavior of worgs and wolves, fearful of dreams and visions.

Weapon Proficiencies : Axe, Military Pick, Morning Star, Sling, Short Sword, Spear.

Non-Weapon Proficiencies : Alertness, Animal Handling, Animal Training (Worg), Begging, Chanting, Close-Quarter Fighting, Fast-Talking, Fortune Telling, Hiding, Hunting, Information Gathering, Looting, Mining, Religion, Riding (Worg), Set Snares.


*Goblin Stats *

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