Cave Moss

Secret of the Fire Spear Tribal Healers


Game Effect : Proper dressing of wounds is one of the most important steps in healing combat damage. If a wound is bound in properly prepared Cave Moss, lost hit points are regained 25% faster (4 every three days), with the first bonus hit point regained on the first day of care. The dressing must be changed after three days to continue its effects. A single dose of Cave Moss is worth roughly 1 gp in trade, but has negligible weight, though in practical matters carrying more than a “pouch” of Cave Moss is unusual for a warrior. They have an encumbrance of one “pouch” = 5 coins. (10 = one pound).


A tribal secret among the Fire Spears, is the local Steam Caves and the plant it hides, Cave Moss. A small plant that has proven to glow and easily reflect light in gold and green shades, Cave Moss consists of numerous small branches of tiny leaves tangled into a clump that grows into large cushions on moist cave walls. The nature of the Steam Caves promotes its growth despite a lack of cultivation.

Absorbent, it absorbs large amounts of liquids when dried, and when used to pack wounds is a very fine healing tool. Collected, washed, dried and stored in loose bags, it is a valuable resource and a hidden secret among the tribe’s elite, witch doctors and shamans.

Cave Moss

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