X - Young-and-Beautiful - KIA

Clan Shaman Adept and "Fortune Teller".


Young-and-Beautiful or “YnB” (as Mogur Stew-Guard insists on calling her), is an unusual goblin female, in that she is what most humanoids might actually consider “attractive”. She was born all eyes and ears and with the gray coloration of a typical “snow” goblin noble, but as time passed, became more and more attractive… almost not a goblin at all. Her coming-of-age name became something of a joke in the tribe. Not typical of the Fire Spear tribe’s “nobles”, Young-and-Beautiful has a mixed white and gray skin, with few of the usual goblin blemishes. Her features are distinctly “fae”, with long, sharp ears, large slanting amber eyes, sharp little fangs, and a large mane of bronze hair atop her head.

Secretly a burgeoning Shaman, Young-and-Beautiful has many skills over the elements, and is beholden to the tribal patron, Bargrivyek; goblin lesser god of unity among and within the goblin clans. She sees focusing the tribe against external threats as a means of unifying their power to extend their power and resources at the expense of other non-goblin tribes. She sees the omen of a fallen star as a particularly good thing, and is always looking at the stars trying to determine her purposes. Her holy symbol is a white-painted stone flail.

Above all, she is manipulative, but recognizes the need to work with her fellows to survive the harsh world around her. A master of several languages, she is also skilled in all the appropriate basic Shaman arts.


Young-and-Beautiful is a typical goblin of the The Fire Spear Tribe, from the “upper” caste, having descended from a previous tribal chief’s chosen consort. She has survived the last ten years by being a very typical goblin; wily, conniving and sneaky, getting the others to do her work for her. She has also survived three previous gathering parties solely because she sacrificed other goblin females like a chess game, to keep herself safe from harm. She has a proven sense of survival and a keen intellect, something which has become become recognized as a danger by the tribe’s elder warriors, especially since she keeps returning unharmed when other females do not.

When Mogur Hrap recognized her potential threat level, he assigned her as a “warrior” to a new hunting party being formed from newly weened kits – the adventurers. This decision to place her in a position a potential Shaman would not normally be placed in is unusual, but no one questions the Mogur’s judgement. She and her fellow “warriors” are soon to leave the safety of the caves and officially become full-fledged members of the tribe.

As a tribal Shaman she is somewhat dishonored in this duty, being placed away from her kin, away from the tribe and unable to protect and guide them. She has decided that if the Mogur won’t let her guide all of the tribe, she can at least guide these handful of true goblin warriors, and ensure they find a place within the tribe. In truth, she knows all members of the group very well, having grown-up with them and understands many of their strengths and weaknesses. She does not, however, understand them, especially since they are all males.

She also suspects her mother might be the chief’s consort, Daku, given her similar appearance, but this remains a close-kept idea in her head, since Daku is not known to have had any children, and that would make Young-and-Beautiful the daughter of a previous chief…

During the vicious “Second Incursion” by adventurers, YnB saved Mogur Stew-Guard, dragging him away from combat, and binding his wounds. She then stayed to brawl with the adventurer’s cleric, and then their dwarf when he retreated, but was cut-down and left for dead in the corridors outside the work area near Mogur Hraps chambers. She died trying to save as many of her tribe as she could…

X - Young-and-Beautiful - KIA

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