Mogur Stew-Guard

Mogur of the Fire Spear Goblins


Stew-Guard or “Stugart” (as he prefers) is the pride of The Fire Spear Tribe. A newly weened goblin whelp who has all the ability and strength of a goblin warrior, he’s also just so darn likable. In addition to his growing skill with blade and spear, he is the direct descendent of a previous clan chief, and bears the unmistakable bearing and appearance of a “snow goblin”, the tribe’s ruling caste.

His bluish skin and gray dread-locks are further marked by the bright yellow eyes of his caste, and he has the stalwart bearing of his ancient people. Unbowed by anything, he remains a staunch protector of the tribe but seems unusually “good” for his people, not taking part in some of the bloodier sports popular among his tribe.

Skilled with spear, shield and sword, he is one of the few whelps to possess actual iron weapons, a legacy given to him upon his naming day. He is being sent with the new warriors to gain a totem for their naming and prove to the tribe he is a true warrior of his people.

Stew-Guard wields the tribal totem, The Fire Spear, and considers himself a symbol of justice for the tribe. He also bears the other totems captured in his various fights, and is noted for the superior steel weapons and armor in his possession.


Born with the markings of his “snow goblin” ancestors, Stew-Guard was quickly set aside for great things. He was given extra rations of food and quickly developed the strength and constitution expected of a future goblin warrior. He did, however, also gain in wisdom and charisma, and this also set him against the recent leader, [[{mogur-hrap]]. His perception and Alertness in the tribe is legendary.

On an early scavenging mission, Stew-Guard uncovered a cache of rusting weapons and armor, a legacy of on e of the early human warrior-tribes that once inhabited the dale. Hoping to find something that he might use for the tribe, he dug through the remains, finding little of worth, though he eventually uncovered a silver amulet in the shape of a dragons-head engraved within a triangle. When he pulled it from the muck, it spoke to him, promising to “…lead him into the light, and save both his people and the holy dale…”. He has often had visions and guidance from the amulet, which he now knows to be a holy symbol of a creature he calls “The Great Dragon-Spirit”. From the remnants of that cache, he also found numerous scrolls (long since worn away), that gave him instruction in human writings, granting him the ability to read/write basic Common.

It became obvious he was a threat to Mogur Hrap’s future, but he was kept close in hopes he might prove loyal and a capable bodyguard. Growing=up, Stew-Guard was always protective of his fellow kits, and more of his fellow brood survived to adulthood through his gifts of food, protection from older bullies and other “good” acts. While this set him against some of the elders of the tribe, who saw his actions as “weak”, his fellow broodlings grew to respect and trust him, making them all loyal friends.

When his naming ceremony came, lacking a Shaman in the tribe, X – Mogur Hrap – Deceased named him Stew-Guard as something of an insult, but the name has stuck. He is now to lead a band of recently weened hunters on their first hunt, wherein they must acquire a totem that will identify them as official warriors of the tribe. In secret, Mogur Hrap hopes he will die. He was wrong.

Taking the lead in most activities among his group, the “Rat Stingers” War Band, Stew-Guard became a leading voice in solving the tribe’s troubles. During the fateful “Second Incursion” by the unknown adventurers, he survived, fought X – Cheeser – KIA for control of the tribe, and managed to gain possession of The Fire Spear and the tribe. He was now faced with solving the tribe’s difficult position, and led the surviving warriors in a raid on the adventurer’s camp that night, slaughtering all but their leader, who managed to escape into the nearby forest. The cost was all but two of the tribe’s remaining warriors. The tribe had time, but no idea what to do…

Mogur Stew-Guard

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