Steam Weevils

Swarming nuisance of the Steam Caves


The Steam Weevil is a tiny insect that vaguely appears like a weevil in appearance, though they can fly. The creatures glow underground, or in shaded caves, because of the intense heat of their bodies. Caught in their midst, the swarm can immediately do severe fire damage to its victim.

The creatures seem to have few weaknesses, but they have never been encountered by the goblins before, so little is known about them, beyond their lives deep in the heated underground realms below the Steam Caves.

Steam Weevil Swarm

AC – 7
HD – 4
HP – 15 (to disperse a swarm)
MV – 20’
AT #1 (D 1-4 Fire damage)
Save – NM
ML – 11
AL – N


Steam Weevils are tiny flying insects that thrive in the intense heat and pressures found deep in subterranean areas of geothermal activity. They have somehow developed the ability to turn the heat of lava and steam into an energy source they can feed from. Many generations of the creatures live, breed and die without ever having left the deep caverns of their preferred environment.

Occasionally, however, because of volcanic activity, a swarm of the creatures is carried into the outside world in a blast of steam and lava. They do not live long in the cold environments of the surface, and within hours, will disperse and die.

Steam Weevils

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