X - Mogur Hrap - Deceased

Former Tribal Chief of the Fire Spear Goblin Tribe


Leader of an insignificant tribe of goblins, Mogur Hrap is puny as goblin leaders go. Although the undisputed “Alpha” of the tribe, the Mogur Hrap is protected in his position by four burly followers, who are given little reason not to fight with him as the leaders of their tribe.

Typical of the “nobility” among the Fire Spear tribe, he is a skinny little (4’1" tall) brute with dead yellow eyes, dead white skin, and flat-grey hair, braided into intricate locks down the back of his bald head. He wears heavy deer-hide armor, including large boots and gloves. His bear-skin cloak makes him seem larger than he really is, but among the tribe, he is still very well-fed and of great strength (HD 2).


Mogur Hrap is relatively smart for a goblin, part of the reason he has survived despite his relatively small size. He is known to have magical bear cloak that gives him great power over others, and several ancient relics of the tribe’s past hidden way. The main relic of the tribe, “The Fire Spear” , is a great spear made of burnished bronze and iron, and is always at his side.

He achieved power during a masterful poisoning of the previous Mogur and his bodyguards, that wracked them with enough pain to make them helpless to his follower’s blades. He keeps three females with him at all times, and they are said to be dedicated to his continual survival. His chief consort, Daku is tough enough to have been the previous leader’s consort, and is constantly at his side.

Exactly what occurred during the opening encounters of the brutal “Second Incursion” by adventurers, is unknown, but it resulted in their slaughter of the Mogur, his chief guards, and all their consorts. The Fire Spear fell from his grasp, to X – Cheeser – KIA and then to the hands of Mogur Stew-Guard.

X - Mogur Hrap - Deceased

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