X - Knows-It - KIA

Goblin Summoner


Knows-It is a newly weened kit, and officially a new tribal warrior of The Fire Spear Tribe. He only has to participate in his first hunting party, gain a unit totem, and he will be accepted as an adult in the tribe.

Unofficially, Knows-It is smart and secretly a Witch Doctor, specializing in Summoning spells. He has numerous secondary skills learned during his time in the caves, and is capable of doing more than wielding a spear in defense of his tribe, though he rarely shows it.

Knows-It wields the hunting band’s own totem, Kobold Bonker.


Knows-It was born a typical scavenger, and found he liked gathering to hunting early in his training. During one such gathering mission with the females, he found a skeleton buried in the leaf-mold near the caves, and recovered a backpack from the remains. Stuffed with various papery leaves, he brought the treasure to the tribal Witch Doctor, who looked them over, consulted the auguries and declared Knows-It was destined to be a Witch Doctor. He got to keep them, and took a little training from the Witch Doctor, before the old goblin died during a bad raid.

Knows-It kept quiet about his new-found skills, and learned his trade in private, often in the privacy of the rat cave. Knows-It liked the rats. They generally left him alone, were relatively affectionate and didn’t try to get him to learn how to kill things with his bare hands like the other tribe members. He wasn’t sure how, but he found he could get the rats to come to hi whenever he wanted, and he spent most of his time “feeding” the rats, which more often than not resulted in him disappearing for hours at time in their cave without question.

Knows-It is pretty smart for a goblin. Smart enough to know that if any Nobles found out he could cast spells, he would most likely be promoted to the upper echelon of the tribe. There are so many things wrong with that; for starters he can’t stand Hrezek, always watching him, plotting and scheming. Knows-It would rather be studying his spells. And secondly, he is terrified of Mogur Hrap; that half-wit scares him to death.

What Knows-It knows, is spells, but that doesn’t make him organized. Knowsit’s spell book is no more than a handful of crumpled pages. He spends more time digging around in his backpack and bags, sleeves, pouches and sacks than he does studying. It seems like at least once a month he needs to recopy his spells onto better paper (at least the ones he can find).

Even with his growing abilities and powerful scrolls, during the horrid “Second Incursion” by adventurers, he was caught in the brutal brawl in the corridors outside Mogur Hraps quarters, and cut-down by a brutal strike from the female adventurer’s blade, and died along with many of his tribe’s warriors…

X - Knows-It - KIA

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