X - Hrezek

Lamed bugbear slave of the Fire Spears


Hrezek is a lamed bugbear warrior captured only by chance many years ago. His great size and strength (STR 16!) make him ideal for heavy labor among the tribe, doing much of their fetching and carrying. Hrezek is an unwilling slave, kept chained and shackled at all times, and is known for his occasional attempts to free himself and strike against his captors. His lamed status, however, keeps him slow and limits these opportunities.


Hrezek was found by chance lying weak and helpless with a broken leg in a pit trap set to capture a boar for a feast. Deciding not to slay him, they found his helplessness a boost to their egos. His leg never healed properly, and he walks with a heavy limp.

He has since struck against his captors on numerous occasions, including attempts to throttle or crush anyone he is given the opportunity to. He is watched carefully whenever he is taken from his cell, and is kept on a short leash.

Hrezek was slain by adventurers during the 1st Incursion into the Fire Spear lair, though he put up quite the fight…

X - Hrezek

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