Goblin Dog


The Goblin Dog ia a mangy brute with a flat nose, beady eyes, and the protruding teeth of a rat grown grotesquely large. Tiny clawed forelimbs and a long, hairless pink tail add to its verminous appearance, and the smell of sun-baked sewage steams off its patchy fur.

AC : 7
HD : 2+2
Move : 12
At # : 1 (Bite)
D : 2-8 (2d4)
Size : M (4’-6’ long)
Morale : Average (10)
XP : 65

Goblin Dogs are especially sneaky, granting a +4 bonus to their efforts to hide or move silently.

Infravision 60’

Immune to disease.


Goblin Dogs are loathed by men and beasts alike. Ugly, stinking, craven and foul-tempered, only their goblin masters find them a kindred spirit. Goblins adore the otherwise shunned and disgusting beasts. Even the healthiest Goblin Dog appears sickly and starved. Malformed and diseased in appearance, their constant reek – like a dozen wet dogs in sewage – tends to shun most creatures away from them.

Nocturnal hunters, Goblin Dogs possess remarkable night vision, allowing them to see in complete darkness. Despite their appearance of mange, they are quite resistant to diseases, but their skin tends to flake and give non-goblins all manner of “goblin rashes”.

Hunting in packs, Goblin Dogs are a social creature, and work with others to take down larger prey. If an individual, however, finds its own source of food, it abandons its pack to avoid sharing its find. Many goblins are able to domesticate these creatures through providing a steady source of food. Such domesticated animals are kept in goblin lairs for use as guards, pack beasts and mounts. Though not as prestigious as wolves or worgs, they are still valuable as a companion to the lucky goblin able to ensure it remains well-fed.

Goblin Dog

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