Giant Rat

Common monstrous scavenger


A long-tailed rodent of large size, Giant Rats are aggressive, omnivorous and adaptable to any climate, often carrying disease. Brown-black with white underbellies, they have bright red eyes, shorter ears and snub noses. The critters are nearly two feet long, cannot climb well, but are excellent swimmers and burrowers.

Starving giant rats are fearsome creatures to behold. They normally won’t attack anything larger than themselves unless they have a numerical advantage, but when hungry or in large enough packs, they will attack anything. Using their formidable teeth, they can chew through anything. They are known to avoid fire and flee it, unless driven by fear, magic or hunger.


These vile creatures often plague underground areas such as crypts and dungeons. Their burrows honeycomb older graveyards, where they often compete with ghouls for food. The chief purpose of a rat is to find food. Packs are known to burrow into anywhere to get at food supplies, nesting anywhere, chewing cloth, paper, or wood to make a home. Prolific, they are known to breed three to five times a year, in litters of around a dozen kits at a time. They are said to live up to five years in good, food-producing areas.

Sometimes goblin tribes “domesticate” them and treat them like semi-wild dogs and guard animals.

Giant Rat

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