Giant Bee

Nomads of the Meadows


A monstrous version of the traditional insect, the Giant Bee is a hearty and numerous creature. Seen only in passing in the South Meadows, few have been encountered as far south as the Southern Meadows. Its striking yellow and black stripes hint at its potential danger, but usually if left alone, the creature is fairly docile.

The beasts come in three separate types. The common Worker Bee is commonly encountered away from the hive, and is considered the “Standard”. The Soldier Bee is a much fiercer creature, larger than usual, with more aggressive tendencies and far tougher. It’s poison has proven far more dangerous. The Queen Bee is never seen, living in the central hive, under the protection of her fellow bees, and guarding the bee’s precious resource; Royal Honey.


There is no known location for a Giant Bee hive in the dale, however, the number of wandering worker bees in the South Meadows near The Fire Spear Tribe, caves hints that one has recently been established somewhere to the north or east. There have been very few encounters with the creatures, as they tend to avoid combat unless attacked, or individuals present themselves as potential sources of pollen or carry a bright light source.

Giant Bee

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