Goblin Trap-Finder


Fodder is a typical young goblin warrior. Subtle, sneaky yet still willing to help his tribe, Fodder blends easily into a goblin hunting party, with few features standing-out. He has all the regular features of a typical goblin; flat face and nose, tan skin and rusty hair, but his eyes are bright red, and sparkle with the cunning for his chosen profession; Trap-finding.


Fodder has lived in everyone’s shadow for some time, and has liked it that way. Recently, however, Fodder accompanied the warriors as a “hauler” on their last raid, and spotted an ambush from their rivals in the Flame Skull Tribe. He dutifully pointed the ambush out to the warriors, and was forced to “prove it”, by scouting out the way. He was next seen running back through the raid party with the enemy in tow, crying “See!”.

Promoted to “Trap-Finder”, he has spent the last couple months working closely with the two kobolds Mop and Lurk, doing basic repairs on things, and has become rather friendly with the pair, despite their servitude. His primary task is to “trigger”, (or rather “disarm”) any traps or other dangerous items the tribe might acquire. That he remains alive says much to his skills.

The coming hunting party Fodder is to participate in is his chance to prove himself as a skilled warrior and find a true position in the tribe. If he dies in the attempt, Mogur Hrap, will likely not care. He didn’t.

During the fatal encounter with adventurers labelled the “Second Incursion”, Fodder survived and rose to prominence as one of two “Mogur” goblins in the tribe. Mogur Stew-Guard assigned him as “Key-Holder”, responsible for the tribe’s treasures and his primary enforcer. Fodder liked this change in position…


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