Mogur's chief Consort


Daku is an unusual goblin female, in that she is what most humanoids might actually consider “attractive”. Not typical of the Fire Spear tribe’s “nobles”, Daku has a mixed white and gray skin, with few of the usual goblin blemishes. Her features are distinctly “fae”, with long, sharp ears, large slanting amber eyes, sharp little fangs, and a large mane of bronze hair atop her head.

Daku wears many silver bangles and earrings, and dyes the upper portion of her head in a bronze sheen that compliments her appearance. She dresses in a “mannish” fashion, rather than the scratchy robes of most females, and usually sports stolen embroidered gowns. She also tends to wear large amounts of furs and feathers, usually in bright silver or white colors.

Daku rarely adopts the subservient role of most goblin females, and she interacts with the tribal chiefs on a much more personal basis. It is believed her lack of a submissive nature has done much to keep her as an exotic ornament among the tribe’s usually cowed female members. Her skill at lore and music has also ensured she remain at the various Mogur’s sides regardless of who wears the bear robes.


Captured by the first “snow goblin” ruler of the tribe during a raid early in his tenure in the tribe, Daku quickly rose to his attention with her knowledge of both goblin and other tribal chants and songs. She was made his chief consort, and has been able to maintain that position through all three tribal leaders since.

Known as something of an advisor, her exact position in the tribe is relatively obscure. Though “only” a goblin female, the Mogur’s own guards give her respect and she often speaks to the Mogur himself as an equal, though only in closed council. The tribe itself treats her as something of a tribal Shaman, though without the title. Among all members of the tribe, she is simply “Daku”.


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