X - Cheeser - KIA

Druid and Dog-Rider


Cheeser is a typical goblin, with the green-skinned hue of one from outside The Cauldron. He bears a spear and has proven his worth to his companions through both it, his ability to ride a personal Goblin Dog, and his skill with cooking, fishing and hunting. His knowledge of nature and skills with manipulating the nature spirits have also proven useful.


Cheeser was originally from a distant goblin tribe (the Steel Paws), but it suffered an invasion by the rival Jagged Blade Goblin Clan. Cheeser managed to survive the invasion, with the luck of having been on a food-gathering expedition when it happened, and fled south to The Cauldron, knowing that there were a number of tribes gathered there. He also knew in passing, about a goblin army gathering for some dark purpose, and thought he might also find a home among them.

Cheeser managed to find the ruined monastery where the army was rumored to be gathering, but encountered the “Rat Stingers”, and seeing an opportunity to find safety and shelter, took service with them. He hadn’t regretted it.

During the second incursion by adventurers in the Fire Spear Tribe’s lair, Cheeser came upon the scattered remains of Mogur Hrap and his guards, and quickly seized The Fire Spear, demanding the tribe’s obedience. Mogur Stew-Guard refused, and he and Stew-Guard engaged in a duel for the Mogurship, wherein he fell in battle. Alas, his search for the illusive Fish-head Beer was at an end…

X - Cheeser - KIA

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